Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Wierd Urges...

For some reason lately, I've been getting the urge to glide. I want to jump of of something tall, feel the wind whipping around me and soar.

It's not flying that I want. My brain understands that I can't fly. So when I have "flying dreams," it's a little different than most people. In my dreams, I can jump really high and then allow myself to coast downward. And I can jump again in the middle of air. So I'm not exactly flying, I'm gliding.

However, that aside, this is the first time in the real world that I have seriously felt the urge to want to do that outside of my dreams. I really don't have the money to go hangliding or parachuting and have never done either. But for some odd reason, I'm craving soaring...
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