Techempage (techempage) wrote,

Goooooooooood Morning LiveJournal!

Welcome Back
Greetings to returning readers, cislyn, misshallelujah, deyaniera, deza, ijk, internet_addict, misskitten77, emerald_ibis, phinnia, shadesong, shawnj, teriel, & wolflady26. It's great to see all of ya'll back on the list so quickly. And all those who left me friended, waiting for me to come back. Thank you for sticking around, you obviously knew something I didn't.

And, of course, welcome back, techempage, I missed you buddy.

I think I'm a horseman or something...
(And I don't even know how to ride a horse.)
Searching through the LJ Archives, I stumbled across this ancient tome. (Alright, so I made it up, but it's spoooooky.) And it read:

And the far east, will be bombarded with a mass of water not seen since the times of Noah. And the dead mage will rise, and on the following day, the end of Journal of Lives will be at hand, even though, the Creator will deny it to the four corners of the Internets.

So it was nice to be back, too bad it's all about to go kablooie. ;-)

Last night
So, yesterday was my wife's birthday. I, once again, swept her away like I did on our anniversary. (I came up with tonight on my own though. I'm glad I have until October before our Anniversary again. 'Cuz I dunno how I'm going to keep topping myself. (Yes, there will be a sexfilter post later on the subject.)

Brewing in my head...
So I've got about sixty-eleven post brewing and bumping and hopping around in my head. So excpect me to be prolific for the near future.

That's it for now. Expect more later.
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