Techempage (techempage) wrote,

A Very Cool Place

...but not what I needed today.

There's a little used book shop down the street from me. I walked in today looking for several of the titles on which the Star bases it's management philosophy. And I felt like I walked into a bookstore that time forgot. Wooden shelves all over the place, positioned sometimes in very odd angles, some areas almost totally obscured from the rest of the store. Stacks of books on the floor in front of the shelves because they didn't have the space for them all. Looking at taped up pieces of paper to designate what category you were looking at. I would love to spend several hours in there, just browsing the shelves, seeing what discoveries I could find.

But that was not my goal today, I was on my lunch break. So I finally figured out that the books I wanted were under Business, since they didn't seem to have a management category. And found none of the books I was looking for. ~sigh~ I guess I'll hit Barnes & Noble on the way home.
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